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Just a quick post to clarify something from my previous post on California Superbike School. I clearly misunderstood the instruction, because Keith Code, the man himself, wrote me after seeing the writeup to clarify a couple of points:


I just got back from our September dates at NJMP and got your note. Nice write up and thank you.

Just one thing, in your write up you mention not getting back to the gas until apex. If you will recall, the
mantra on WHEN is, “As soon as possible after the bike is turned in and on its lean angle”, there is never
any mention of waiting till the apex because there are so many corners where you can be back to the
throttle much, much earlier. That was covered in briefing/track session #3.

Also, if you recall the Quick Turn briefing, the quicker you can flick the bike into the turn, the earlier you
can get back to gas. That is all predicated on having a good Turn Point, which was the second briefing.

I just wanted to make sure you were clear on that because I think you’ve still got some big, and good,
surprises in store for yourself if you weren’t working on those points.

All the best,


I definitely misunderstood this point and I’m glad Keith wrote to clarify. I’ve been practicing these techniques and I can definitely see a difference.

On another note, next weekend I’m taking the Pennsylvania Motorcycle Safety Foundation‘s Basic Rider Course 2. (Formerly known as “Experienced Rider Course”.) I’ll let you all know what I learn about and write about it next week.