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The 2012 Lansdale Bike Night was earlier this month, and I have been sitting on a number of cool bike pics that I wanted to post. (And some not so cool.) Here’s a few:


Love this Piaggio scooter. I like creative machines like this, not just the most chromed-out Harley (of which there are too many at Lansdale Bike Night.)


Another shot of the Piaggio with the sidecar. Clever custom paint job!


One more angle of the Piaggio


Sweet 1973 Honda Trail 90







Every single component of this 1968 Triumph TR6C is bone stock. The bike has been in the owner’s family since it left the showroom floor.


The original showroom tag from the Triumph TR6C


Another classic and all-original Triumph, this 1958 Triumph Cub 200cc was originally purchased by the owner’s father who’s name (Myles Lewis) is on the front fender.



Had me one of these back in the day 🙂



I love analog motorcycles. My friend Scott just bought one of these babies. Calls it a wheelie machine.



Beautiful 1980 Suzuki GS1100.







Honda Valkyrie Rune



This thing is there every year. “A” for effort, but not my cuppa tea.


Just two years removed from the company’s demise, seeing fewer and fewer of these Buellies on the road.




There was something very charming about this AMF-era ratbike Harley.







Choppers do absolutely nothing for me. If I can’t strap my camping gear to the bike and take it to California – or at least Central Pennsylvania – I’m not interested.


Nice example of the venerable Kawasaki ZRX1200R


Of all the Harleys entered into the show, this one really caught my eye.


Best of this bunch, saved for last. A 1965 Honda CB77 Superhawk.



Another nice shot of the Superhawk.