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I’ve been seeing more and more press about “adventure sport” bikes – those that are built for long-haul rides on either the pavement or dirt. So I did a little research using Nielsen Buzzmetrics, a tool I use in my PR practice to determine buzz around brands or keywords or products. Sure enough, use of the phrase “adventure sport” or it’s synonym, “adventure touring” is exploding in the motorcycling media:

Buzz about adventure sport bikes is clearly increasing online and in the media. Source: Nielsen Buzzmetrics.

The sales data confirms this trend: earlier this week a report out of England indicated that the adventure sport category was the only segment of the motorcycle market still growing.


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Last Friday J.D. Power and Associates released the findings of its 2011 U.S. Motorcycle Competitive Information Study. The study provides some fascinating insight into bikers, their spending patterns, their satisfaction with their rides, and the improving quality of motorcycles in general:

1. Satisfaction with the sales experience has improved. J.D. Power measures owner satisfaction in six major categories: product, build quality, cost of ownership, sales, service, and warranty. Of these, the sales experience has improved the most. Very encouraging. Especially since anti-dealer sentiment runs high on most motorcycle online forums. As I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts, the dealerships in my area are quite good and I always enjoy visiting them. Good to see that my biker brethren share this sentiment, even if the peeps on the forums are often vocally anti-dealer. According to Brent Gruber, who manages the study for J.D. Power and Associates, the motorcycle industry’s satisfaction rating is very good in comparison to other industries.

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