This pic doesn’t make sense given the subject “Changing Directions” but the roads in Oklahoma are all straight.

This blog was originally conceived as a blog for first time motorcycle riders. Getting a bike for the first time as a newly-divorced 42 year old was a transformational life experience for me. I wanted to help others find their way, provide some (hopefully) helpful advice, and establish a voice in the motorcycle industry. I hated my job at the time, so in the back of my mind I thought I might be able to get a job with a motorcycle company as a result of it. At least I held out the hope.

I also had a work-related mandate to get more experienced with social media, as I was working for a PR firm at the time and all the cool kids knew how to build blogs and use Twitter and Facebook and Pinterest and all these other websites du jour to help our clients build audience. My boss pulled me aside one day and said, “If you don’t learn social media, you’re going to get left behind.” I figured if I had to learn it, I better do it with a topic I’m passionate about.

Time went on, and I learned what I needed to learn and eventually trained one of my young lieutenants to run social media for my team. The mandate became less important. And I lost interest in keeping the blog going – as 15 months since writing a post will attest. It takes a lot of work to conceive posts, write them, hyperlink them to the right keywords to goose your SEO and have the right images to keep readers, sometimes with short attention span, interested; and promote the blog on Reddit and other social bookmarking sites. Doing social media right is a full time job, even for a blog that’s just a hobby.

I kept the blog alive but haven’t written anything in a while. I’ve changed jobs so I don’t even work for a PR firm anymore, I’m now in-house at a big midwestern bank, I’ve moved to a different area of the country (Tulsa, OK), moved in with my girlfriend, I’ve sold a bike (my Triumph America) and had a bike stolen (my Suzuki V-Strom, right out of my backyard), and I bought a brand new BMW R1200GS (the most complete, do-everything bike imaginable).

And I have a lot more to write about now. So I want to use the blog as an outlet for some of those other topics. I don’t know if it will stick. I tend to get all fired up about projects, get them started, and run out of steam – NoBaffles being a good example. My 1/3 of a book being a good example. 1/3 of a screenplay being another example.

Anyway, going forward, I’ll be writing periodically about things that are important to me. Manhood, divorce, women, career, fitness, sex, travel, parenting, politics. And of course, I’ll still write the periodic post about motorcycles. I still love them. I could sit in the garage and stare at my bike for hours. Just stare. It’s a work of art. And I think all motorcycles are works of art. Every time I see a bike parked on the side of the road, I slow down to ogle. Every time a bike passes me, I check it out. They turn me on like a pretty girl.

I’m not going to worry about traffic to the blog. This time, it’s for me. I know that “if you build it they will come” is a fallacy but I am not that concerned about it. I like to write. This will be my outlet. Twitter – that social media platform can go screw itself. I never got it. Never will. I love Reddit – discovered it as part of this blog-creation process and still visit every day. But the folks at the motorcycles subeddit never liked when I linked to my own posts, even though that was the single best source of traffic for the blog. If I linked a post on Reddit, I’d get hundreds of uniques from all over the globe within hours – sometimes minutes.

My first post under the new format has been percolating for some time. It’s about the fallacy of the American dream – the wife, the house in the ‘burbs, the kids. I’ve come to realize that once *they* have you married, mortgaged, and squeezing out puppies, *they* have you locked in. Your freedom is history.You will work, and earn, and pay taxes, until you’re dead or almost dead. And that’s why the little bit of freedom I got back when I got divorced is so precious to me. More to come.