Last Sunday was the rain date for Lansdale Bike Night, an annual event in one of the local burghs here in Southeastern PA. The motorcycle show is “ok”, heavily weighted toward Harleys and custom choppers, which do nothing for me. There’s usually a small collection of classic bikes – Triumphs Nortons and the like – and some really weird ones too (like the year there was a chopper with body molding to make it look like a fighter jet.)

This year the date was changed at the last minute due to weather, so there was a lighter than usual crowd and fewer bikes than normal. I walked around for 45 minutes and left. Not much to do.

As I was heading out of town, though, something caught my eye. A black classic bike parked along one of the side streets. I pulled over. Here are some pics.









It’s a beautiful machine and a piece of motorcycle history, but the owner was sitting on the curb near the bike visibly distressed. To hear him tell his story, he had just ridden the bike back from Colorado where he attended a Vincent owners’ rally. He had arrived at Lansdale Bike Night too late for the judging, and the organizers wouldn’t even let him park his bike in the area where all the show bikes were. Apparently one of the people directing bikes through the Main Street area cursed at him and told him to get his bike off the &$^# street.

Whether this was truth, exaggeration, or not, it’s a real shame that The Vincent never made it into the show.