I’m headed to the Progressive International Motorcycle Show in New York City tonight, and plan to work the hell out of the floor for the next two days. The folks who organize the show were nice enough to give me a press pass because of my blogging, so I’m attending a media event tomorrow morning before the show opens to the public at noon. Here are some of the things I’m hoping to accomplish and see at the show.

1. See the unveil of the new custom Cory Ness Victory motorcycle. Victory has been generating a ton of buzz in advance of the show, and is all over the motorcycle media. My hat’s off to their PR firm. Nice work.

2. Meet The Gunny. The new face of Victory is R. Lee Ermey a/k/a “The Gunny” – who you may remember as the belligerent and abusive Gunnery Sergeant Hartmann in Stanley Kubrick’s classic Full Metal Jacket. He’s brilliant in reprising his role for Victory. I want to score a picture of me and him if possible.

I want to see this Triumph Explorer up close. Photo courtesy of Triumph Motorcycles.

3. Throw my leg over a Triumph Explorer. I love this bike. Would love to have one. Two more years of alimony first, though…


4. See the Ducati Panigale 1199. This was the bike that stole the show in Milan earlier this year. I want to see one in person, even though I’m not a sportbike guy.

5. Meet some of my fellow bloggers. I’ve got plans to catch up with Rachael of the fantastic “Girlie Motorcycle Blog” fuzzygalore.com and her fella Kenny; as well as Brett who is getting set to do something fantastic with IronAndAir.com (he hasn’t launched on the web yet, but the stuff he’s doing on Facebook is nothing short of fantastic. And humbling.)

If you’re going to the show, give me a shout. I’ll be tweeting from my handle @nobaffles.com (follow me!) and I’ll be checking email frequently if you want to grab a cup of coffee. Send me a note with your cell or whereabouts at NoBaffles at G mail dot com.