Just saw an article out on the AP today headlined Gov’t study: More drivers texting at the wheel. The article provides a number of really alarming statistics: texting while driving increased 50 percent last year..two out of 10 drivers say they’ve sent messages from behind the wheel…etc. etc.

But the article closes with this little ditty: “there were 4,502 motorcycle deaths in 2010, a 0.7 percent increase. That may mean the sudden 16 percent decline in motorcycle deaths seen in 2009 is beginning to reverse.”

I’ve often said that if I get killed out there on the road, it will be for one of two reasons: either a soccer mom (soccer dad) texting while driving or a deer. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked over at a veering driver and seen the ubiquitous iPhone in their hand as they update their Facebook status. It’s downright scary. So it strikes me that the two statistics, which aren’t connected within the AP article, are actually interrelated. That the increase in texting is causing the increase in motorcycle related deaths, or is at least a major contributing factor.